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Lose weight:here is the lowest calorie sauce (to be consumed without moderation!)

Far from being "healthy", the sauces nevertheless remain must-haves on our shopping lists. We love them in summer to dress our meats during barbecues. We love them in winter to accompany our comforting dishes. Whether we are team ketchup or team mayonnaise , sauces always know how to invite themselves onto our plates. However, for the good of our line, we would do better without it. While some sauces can fit into a healthy lifestyle, others have a penchant for calorie blasting.

Sauces and calories:those that are our allies

We must not demonize all the sauces. Some of them don't mean us too much harm. Although we prefer them homemade with less sugar and more love, there are some that can stay on your shopping list. For our greatest surprise, it is not sauces based on cottage cheese or of yogurt who are at the top of the rankings. Although not too caloric, it is the ketchup and the mustard who pass them on the podium. These two sauces contain respectively 66 and 100 calories per 100 g. A sauce, a little less common, but which could very well find its place in our list:the salty soy sauce . With its 50 calories per 100 grams , it has the arguments to convince us to use it to enhance our recipes.

Sauces and calories:those to banish from our diet

If some have a straight pass to stay in the race, others bath in calories . Unsurprisingly, the mayonnaise is not one of the lowest calorie sauces. From one brand to another, it can go up to 800 calories per 100 g. Yes yes, you read that right. Enough to make us want to dip our sticks of surimi in it or put it in our burgers. And this calorie bomb shocks you, know that the same goes for its colleagues the sauce samourai , bearnaise and caesar . Clearly, to avoid ending up in the sauce when you step on the scale, you do without all of these.