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What am I going to see him for, the sophrologist?

What is it?

A personal development technique aimed at “activating the conscious”, thanks to various relaxation methods. The goal:learn to listen to our body and the signals it sends us to manage our emotions.

It heals the mind and also the body.

Sophrology makes it possible to solve the problems of addiction to cigarettes, phobias, insomnia, chronic fatigue, various pains... It can help us to get better, but also to face illness, surgery, pregnancy and childbirth with maximum serenity and minimum pain.

It can boost me.

During an exam period, for a job interview or during a sports competition. Stage fright, stress:we will be taught how to channel energies to maintain our self-control and gain confidence.

How does a session go?

For an hour, the sophrologist listens to us and guides us through breathing and visualization exercises (among others) before debriefing. In principle, ten sessions are enough to overcome the problem, provided you practice at home regularly. Count €50/h, partially reimbursed by certain mutual insurance companies.

Who do I trust?

Some sophrology diplomas (be careful, not all!) are recognized by the State. To find a practitioner who provides, consult the online directories of the FEPS (Federation of Professional Schools in Sophrology) or the SPP (Union of Professional Sophrologists). We also check that the practitioner has a professional number (otherwise, he does not practice within a legal framework).

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