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Too much sleep kills

Let those who are standing sit down:it will hurt (especially for sleepers):according to an Australian study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, sleeping more than 9 hours a night would be very harmful to your health, especially if we sit all day and don't exercise. "Ow", some will say (and "I should already be able to sleep more than 4 hours", will say the overwhelmed moms)...

To arrive at this chilling observation, the researchers studied the lifestyle of no less than 230,000 people to see what types of factors could shorten life expectancy. And in the black list, where (we suspected) smoking, alcoholism, lack of physical exercise or even bad eating habits, there is a newcomer:the fact of… sleeping too much.

Let us be reassured, however:sleeping in late from time to time, or sleeping a lot when you do a lot of sport, move your buttocks during the day, or have a healthy lifestyle, that does not won't kill us! On the other hand, it is the bad associations that harm our body, favoring diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. Among them, for example:sleeping more than 9 hours per night + sitting too long; sleep more than 9 hours per night + do not play sports; smoke + consume a lot of alcohol.

We got the message...but we plan to enjoy the holidays anyway!