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Sleeping more would allow you to have more sex

Another good reason to go to bed early! According to a recent study, having a sufficient amount of (deep) sleep would make it possible to have sex more intense than ever. Dr. Laurie Mintz, an American sexologist at the University of Florida, is the main author of this study, but also of a book on the subject. On The Conversation site she explains that when you sleep enough, the desire and sex hormones increase.

The more you sleep, the more you want to make love

It was during her consultations that the specialist realized that sleep disorders affected the sex life of her patients as much as the reverse. “For new mothers, for example, lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for low libido. When we become parents, we are often overworked! “, explains the sexologist.

Result, we can see in his study that for each hour of sleep gained, women suffering from insomnia would have 14% more frequency of sexual relations! This could be explained by the fact that lack of sleep leads to an increase in cortisol levels – the stress hormone – and this has the collateral effect of reducing testosterone levels. This hormone is largely responsible for increasing or decreasing desire, both in men and women...

So you know what you have to do!