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10 tips to take care of your liver

Take care of your liver with a lemon detox

Lemon detox is excellent for detoxifying the liver. This lemon has properties that stimulate the production of bile, a component of the liver that plays a big role in the elimination of waste in the body. To take care of your liver , so drink lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water every morning when you wake up for 15 to 20 days.

Limit alcohol

Alcohol tires the liver because it attacks the liver cells and causes the accumulation of fatty deposits in this organ. If you want to take care of your liver already weakened, alcoholic beverages should be avoided as much as possible.

Decrease sugar

When sugar passes through the liver, it is turned into fat. If you consume too many sugary foods, it can cause inflammation. The liver will then lose its ability to detoxify, which may cause various health problems such as obesity, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, cirrhosis... to take care of your liver , replace the sugar with stevia.

Plants that take care of the liver

Take care of the liver by plants is quite possible. Among the most interesting to consume is milk thistle. This medicinal plant is full of active ingredients capable of mitigating the impact of toxins on liver cells and which boost the regeneration of these cells. Other plants such as fumitory, rosemary and dandelion are also good allies for maintaining the liver. As for vegetables, black radish and cabbage provide essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the liver.

Limit fatty meats and cold cuts

Cold cuts and fatty meats contain too much fat or substances that weaken the liver. The bad cholesterol contained in these foods increases the work of the liver in addition to increasing toxins and causing digestion problems. For the good of your liver, limit the consumption of these saturated meats.

Put garlic and onion in dishes

Garlic and onion contain nutritious components that activate the enzymes present in the liver. These enzymes help the organ get rid of toxins. Do not hesitate to cook these foods in your daily dishes to take care of your faith.

Eating grapefruit

Like lemon, grapefruit is also an excellent liver purifier. It eliminates triglycerides that accumulate in the blood thanks to naringin and auraptene. These regulate cholesterol levels in the liver and other organs.

Curb on salt consumption

Excess salt promotes water retention problems. This can impact the liver by causing inflammation, sometimes irreversible. Avoid or limit industrial preparations that taste too salty.

Don't dine too late

Our body is programmed by the internal clock which sets fixed time slots during which the functioning of certain organs is optimal. Thus, the liver is more active when the sun is down. This is why night workers are more affected by liver diseases. To limit liver disorders, i.e. 2 hours before it is advisable to have a light dinner and a little earlier, i.e. 2 hours before bedtime.

Go for a walk

Walking briskly for at least 30 minutes a day is a good remedy to regulate liver function. The contraction of the muscles is good for the hepatic balance and prevents it from overloading. Regular physical activity boosts lymph circulation, but also blood circulation.

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