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What solutions to not go alone when you are a senior solo?

You are alone and have just retired. Finally free, and go where you want and when you want. It's really a whole world of freedom available to you, yes, but, because there is a but:you are precisely alone and do not dare to embark on the adventure. However, there are travel solutions that allow you to discover nearby or more distant lands without having to suffer from loneliness. Although many people like to travel in groups, some prefer to travel in small numbers. Here are all the solutions available to you.

The motorhome, an alternative to maintaining your freedom while traveling with other people

If you like to drive and have invested in a motorhome, this mode of travel may be perfect for you if you want to maintain your freedom without being alone. You can go on road trips with other motorhome owners. Many associations and agencies offer circuits, and even the rental of a motorhome if you do not have one. You will meet great people with the same desires as you. Thus, you will find yourself at the same places of visits and can have lunch or dinner together, but also be alone when you feel like it. And why not set off in pairs with a friend on the roads of France and Navarre?

Travel by specialized agencies for single people

There are also many travel agencies specializing in single people. In general, they offer you an organized trip to the destination of your choice with a small group of people around your age. If you have some reluctance to leave with this formula, start with a weekend to see if you can adapt easily to this mode of vacation. You may be surprised, because communication is natural and very easy. If you like this formula, it can lead you to travel around the world, because many seniors travel around the world in this way. It's up to you to take the plunge and take the few steps necessary to go to the other side of the earth or two hundred kilometers from home.

Being part of a humanitarian association

If you want to travel and give some of your free time to help others, you can still join a humanitarian association. Be aware that these structures are not only looking for doctors or health personnel, but volunteer staff are needed to transport products, to ensure logistics, etc. This way of leaving is certainly not easy and is based on volunteering and personal investment. You will often sleep at the habitat and will always be in a team. You will take on many tasks, but will always have reference people with you to help you. This type of trip allows you to get to know populations and cultures better, to not be alone and above all to make yourself useful when you are alert.


You have a vehicle, so you can carpool with other people. In this way, you travel accompanied, and in addition, you share the costs generated by fuel and highways. If you don't have a car, you can also be a passenger through carpooling. There are many sites online where you can register. Again, you will not go alone and travel at a reduced price. In some countries, if the current goes through, you can even stay with locals and continue your adventure with the same person(s), regardless of age.

Use social media groups

Remember that many alert seniors are like you and are afraid of traveling alone. In this case, you will be able to get in touch with them through social networks like Facebook and other forums. After having exchanged a little about your life and your ideas, you will find travel companions to go and visit places in France or even go to much more distant destinations such as Australia, for example. In the search, just type "find a travel companion", but there are also specialized sites with this name. Take yourself a few months ahead to see if you can get along well with someone who has similar ideas to yours.

Go on a cruise

If you opt for a cruise, you will, of course, choose your trip and your cabin alone with a travel agency. Don't worry though, because many people have the same idea as you and as soon as you get on board, you will get to know other seniors. You will be placed next to other people to eat meals and start chatting with. This solution is ideal for making friends and not traveling alone.

Holiday clubs for solos

Finally, for solos like you, there are still plenty of vacation clubs for singles of all ages. Be careful, because however, people are looking to meet people so that they are no longer alone in life. If you are only looking for friends, you must make your intentions clear from the start of your meetings.

By using these few tips and communicating around you, you will not be alone very quickly and will have the best friends in the world with whom you will be able to leave often and thus fully enjoy your retirement and new vacations.