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10 extraordinarily fragrant roses to plant in the garden

10 extraordinarily fragrant roses to plant in the garden

The rose is a very popular flower. Moreover, it is called the queen of flowers. The rose comes in many varieties and seduces both by its shape and its many colors. This flower has a special feature:its fragrance! Depending on the roses, this can be musky, fruity, myrrh, undergrowth and even tea. Do you like the scent of roses? Here are 10 extraordinarily fragrant roses to plant in your garden.

The different scents of roses

The scent of a rose is not unique. Depending on the variety chosen, you will enjoy a very rich palette of scents. The rose is used in the development of cosmetics, perfumes and even essential oils. Here are some pointers to know everything about the scent of roses.

  • The smell of old rose is a very traditional smell. It is also the one we associate with the flower. The notes are rich, powerful and balanced.
  • The smell of musk often accompanies roses. Certain varieties are of course more concerned! This feature makes the rose a flower that attracts insects and promotes pollination.
  • The fruity smell is particularly present in roses of Asian origin (China and Japan). The roses then give off notes of apple, pear, mango and even raspberry.
  • The smell of tea is undoubtedly one of the most refined. It is characteristic of roses of yellow and white color. Sometimes these roses also have hints of other flowers like iris or violet.
  • The scent of myrrh completes this palette. It is the most powerful since it is close to that of incense or exotic wood.

Old roses

1. The rosebush of Provins or rosebush gallica Officinalis

Authentic and fragrant, old roses are absolutely beautiful. The Provins rose bush will seduce you throughout its flowering period which takes place in June and July, at the beginning of summer. This type of rose is 90 cm tall and produces lots of flowers. This abundance gives rise to very typical perfumes. The gallica Officinalis rose offers pink flowers. It is rustic, resistant and is grown in all regions of France!

2. The Grasse rose or Centifolia Muscosa rose

The Grasse rose, also called the May rose, is a natural variety recognizable both by the flowers which seem to have hundreds of petals and by the scent. This is used in the composition of luxury perfumes but also of the famous rose water from Morocco. The Centifolia Muscosa rose is sometimes called a sparkling rose. This name comes from the moss that covers its stem. The flowering period extends from June to July. The roses are about 1.30 m tall.

3. The rugosa rose Roseraie de l'Haÿ

The Roseraie de l'Haÿ rugosa rose is a bush type rose whose flowers are as pretty as they are fragrant. This rose seduces with its double flowering. The first is held from May to June and then from September to October. The Roseraie de l'Haÿ rugosa rose is one of the oldest roses, so it is vigorous, thorny and resistant. It particularly appreciates the coast and sandy soils. Its height can reach 2 m.

4. The rose Mrs. Isaac Pereire

The Mme Isaac Pereire rose seduces with its beauty. It has rich foliage and very large flowers that give off a powerful fragrance. There are two types of this rose:either in the form of a large shrub which can reach a height of 2.50 m or in the form of a small climbing shrub. This rose blooms twice a year, from June to July then from September to October:it is remontant.

5. Coubert's double white rugosa rose

The Coubert Blanc double rugosa rose is a magnificent shrub that can even become a small tree. The most creative can give it an atypical shape! Very similar to the Japanese rose, it is adorned with very fragrant white flowers from June to September. The Coubert double Blanc rugosa rose has a height of 1.50 m.

English roses

6. The Constance Spry rosebush

The Constance Spy rose has magnificent flowers which have the particularity of being large in size. This variety of rose can be used as a shrub or as a climbing rose. Very fragrant, this rose has oriental notes of spices and incense. This variety developed by David Austin in 1960 is fragile. It flowers in June and measures 1.50 m.

7. The Spirit of Freedom rosebush

The Spirit of Freedom rose has pretty old flowers and generous foliage. The roses are large, round and have a wonderful, pronounced myrrh scent. The Spirit of Freedom rose is a climber widely used to create rose walls. It is remontant and blooms twice a year, from June to July then from September to October and measures 1.20 m.

Contemporary roses

8. The Aloha climbing rose

The Aloha rose is a modern rose that looks like an old rose. It can be used as a shrub or a climbing rose. It is robust and particularly resistant to diseases. The Aloha rose produces beautiful, full, brightly colored roses. The foliage is dense and the fragrance very powerful. It flowers twice a year, from June to July then from September to October and measures 2 m.

9. The André Le Nôtre rosebush

The large-flowered rose André Le Nôtre also seduces with its roses which look just like old roses. The large flowers of this rosebush are hundred-leaf roses which offer a very typical and above all very pleasant fragrance. The André Le Nôtre rose blooms beautifully from June to October. It measures 1.10 m.

10. The large-flowered rosebush Parfum de Grasse

The large-flowered Parfum de Grasse rose is the most recent variety in this selection. It offers powerful colors and very pleasant fragrances. Robust, this rose is disease resistant. With its height of 90 cm, it is perfect for embellishing flowerbeds. It flowers from June until October.

How to grow fragrant roses?

Fragrant roses come in many varieties. Depending on the orientation of your garden or the use you want to make of your roses, you will therefore have to choose the right one(s). Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Colors of flowers,
  • Shrubs, bushes or climbers,
  • Orientation (sunny, shaded),
  • Size,
  • Disease Resistance…

This list is not exhaustive. In any case, do not hesitate to find out about the variety to maintain it as well as possible.

To fully enjoy the fragrance of your roses, we recommend that you place them not far from the terrace or the space that hosts your outdoor furniture. It is also possible to cultivate your roses on the places of passage.