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Holidays at a low price when you are a senior:where, when, how to go?

Holidays at a low price when you are a senior:where, when, how to go?

Just because the years have brought you a few silver threads in your hair doesn't mean you're not in shape to go for a walk and have the perfect vacation. On the other hand, your retirement leaves you with fewer opportunities than before to travel, because your income has fallen since you no longer work. Have no fear, there are solutions within your reach. Here are some ideas to help you pay less for your holidays and different long journeys.

Senior SNCF card

The senior SNCF card costs €49 for a year. If you are over 60, it gives you very advantageous rates. When you first use it on a round trip, it already pays for itself wherever you go. If you already hold this senior card, you can book your train ticket in a few clicks on the dedicated site and you will immediately benefit from the discount to which you are entitled. Thanks to her, the discounts are:

  • 30% on your 1st and 2nd class train journeys
  • 30% for children aged 4 to 11 accompanying you, up to a maximum of three. In second class, ticket prices are capped on all destinations in France at any time and day of your reservation

Guaranteed ceilings in second class:

  • €39 for journeys of less than 1 h 30 m
  • €59 for journeys between 1 h 30 m and 3 h
  • €79 for trips over 3 hours

Good to know :in addition to these reductions, you will also be able to benefit from:

  • Last Minute No Flex Deals
  • 30% to Europe
  • 25% to 50% in TER for certain regions.
  • 15% on catering during your trip on Intercités and TGV INOUI trains

Black Friday

Every year, the Black Friday operation allows you to benefit from discounted travel from many tour operators. Black Friday is a sale operation on flights, hotels, and many promotional stays. This Black Friday relates to a day which is generally in November. You have to think about it. In general, this day is Thanksgiving Day in the USA , but in our country, several days can be called Black Friday. You will make great savings depending on the destination and the tour operator you have chosen.

Last minutes

The so-called "Last Minute" trip is a discounted trip by tour operators at the last moment . Your suitcase must therefore be packed to leave the very next day for a destination that you will discover at the same time as you book it. These trips are sold at up to 50%, 60% or even 70% of their initial price, because they often correspond to cancellations or places that have not yet been reserved 24 hours before departure. So you can find a luxury trip, a cruise, a distant or unusual destination for a very affordable price.

Flash sales

Flash sales are like last minute trips. These are promotional sales offered by tour operators, but which have a limited duration. You find them on the Internet. In general, you are offered a stay on a tropical island, or a visit of several days to a capital of a distant country or closer. You can access these sales on tour operators' online sites throughout the year. Limited in time, they are negotiated at the fairest price and if you are lucky, you can leave for a reduction of around 70% of the total trip.


Auction trips are still a very interesting solution. Just go to one of the online sites offering these services. You set yourself a budget not to exceed and choose your destination. You find:

  • Last minute stays
  • Stays in France
  • Stays abroad
  • Camping trips, etc.

Every day, dozens of auctions are offered. You can sort trips by destination, category, etc. Once you have selected the trip you are interested in, you start bidding. The auctions will be displayed in order of end with their time limit. Other people will also bid before the time limit ends and the one who bids last will win the trip. We advise you to connect at times when it is not too crowded to have the chance to win your auction at an attractive price. Be careful, once the auction is won, you will also pay administration fees. Take this into account from the start to calculate your budget not to be exceeded.


If you are alone, you can choose to make a trip through an association. Already, you will make acquaintances of your age with the same tastes and possibilities as you, but in addition, you will be able to travel at an unbeatable price. In addition, you can travel fair and united in all countries of the world. If you choose a humanitarian association, for example, you can make yourself useful and help others according to your skills. Some associations take volunteers as such and the trip is completely free for time given and devoted to a cause. Other solidarity associative trips will require a small financial contribution to cover your costs and allow you to support a project such as the construction of an orphanage, a school in a remote area or a dispensary to treat the poor, etc.

This list is far from exhaustive, as there are still many ways to travel at low cost. It's up to you to see which mode of transport and accommodation you prefer.