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The Dordogne by caravan:itinerary, advice and organization

Between its cities with a medieval historic heart , its fortified castles or renaissance , planted along the “Rivière Espérance », its bucolic countryside full of flowers in spring and its mild climate in summer, the Dordogne deserves to be viewed slowly to be fully appreciated. You want to go for a walk in Périgord otherwise, then have you thought about visiting the Dordogne in a caravan ? Here is a file to give you some useful information, possible routes and some advice to enjoy and make a success of your trip to the "Land of Man .

Leaving the paths of the Dordogne with a caravan and a horse

Are you tired of city noise, traffic jams and dreaming of chlorophyll and nature? You love animals and want to live at your own pace and find your family? Then you can take a accompanied trailer trip in the Périgord . This mode of vacation is little used, so there are not many professionals organizing or offering this type of service. At the same time, a caravan tour has many joys in store for you, such as:

  • The possibility of horseback riding
  • The joy of being in the company of a horse and providing it with daily care
  • The joy of reuniting with your family and introducing your children to a different life close to nature and animals
  • A very comfortable caravan trip
  • Swimming stops

Many pleasures are still assured and you will discover them on the spot.

The principle of discovering the Dordogne in a caravan

You stay in a comfortable caravan with your family. A second hitch follows you with a leader to carry the necessary equipment as well as your belongings . You will start your hike alongside a draft horse and sometimes be accompanied by a saddle horse if you ask and on which, you can ride. Your little family will thus discover historic sites , charming villages , but also the edges of ponds where you will have the opportunity to swim.

What does the leader do?

Your leader is a professional who takes care of all the organization of your hike in a trailer. He guides you through the small paths and roads of the Dordogne, prepares the bivouac for you. in the evening, takes care of the horse and feeds it, takes care of the transport everything that will be useful for stewardship such as:

  • Sanitaries (dry toilets)
  • The solar shower
  • Your personal belongings so that you have all the space you need in your trailer
  • The necessary food base for bivouacs, etc.

As you hike during the day, the leader tells you some very interesting stories about the area you are crossing. Your children learn while having fun, because it also tells very beautiful local anecdotes . You will be in total harmony with nature and will be received by people with a very warm welcome. Either way, you will enjoy a good meal which will be prepared for you or which you have chosen to make according to your desire. You will then sit quietly in your trailer to spend a nice night away from the noise.


A caravan is generally designed for 4 people (including two adults and two children). His equipment is extremely light. It is made of such light wood, because the assembly pulled by the horse weighs a total of 500 kg . All heavy luggage are transported in the assistance trolley so that the horse does not suffer from overload . The trailer includes:

  • 4 to 5 beds, one of which can be converted into a bed for 2 people. 2 folding beds and an extra bed with a foam mattress.
  • 2 gas burners for cooking
  • 1 sink with water reserve renewed every evening
  • 1 cooler
  • 1 lighting
  • 1 backup heater
  • 2 tables, 2 camping chairs, 4 chairs
  • 1 tent for the solar shower
  • 1 tent for the dry toilets

You can be 2 adults per trailer and also leave with your children. The hike can include a maximum of two trailers.


The stages are always planned with locals, on a farm, on the edge of villages or in the heart of nature. Depending on the planned route, you can swim in a lake or a river. For lunch or dinner, the possibilities of catering are very varied and catering meals can even be delivered to your trailer. At the same time, you can buy food from local traders during the day. Every morning, your leader supplies you with blocks of ice to put in your cooler.

What you need to bring

The first two days, it is advisable to bring your basic supplies . You also need to remember to carry in your suitcases:

  • Clothes for the sun and clothes for the rain
  • Walking shoes
  • A swimsuit
  • Riding equipment if you are a rider
  • Towels
  • Bed sheets for a 140
  • Duvets for others

Example of a one-week course program

You arrive around 4 p.m. at the camp. The first night is spent in the trailer or in a lodge . If you have small children, they can take a horseback ride . You will then determine your journey with the leader according to your desires.

From the second to the seventh day, you go on a travelling hike . In the morning, the departure is given around 10 am by your leader, the time that everyone is ready. You will then practice stages of two hours on average, the total of which over a day is approximately 12 km. In the afternoon, you stop early to set up your bivouac. Thus, you can discover and visit your environment, take the bike for a walk or even go horseback riding for the more seasoned, but also swim. The leader prepares the installation of your bivouac and the sanitary facilities on site, takes care of the horse (you can also attend) then lets you settle in and enjoy these privileged moments. At the end of your week, you say goodbye to your travel companions, your head already full of very beautiful memories.

What is the price of a week in a caravan in the Dordogne

To spend a week in a caravan in the Dordogne, rental is from Saturday to Saturday in high season. For four people, it takes between €1,400 and €1,600 . In low season, departure can be done on the day of your convenience. You can even take your pooch with you. In the indicated price are included:

  • Caravan and horse rental for 4 people
  • Daily assistance from the leader
  • Horse feed and paddock
  • 7 nights in a caravan including tourist tax
  • Technical sheet on driving in a trailer

If you want a saddle horse for the week , it takes a little more than 30 € per week, but it all depends on the rental company.

Good to know :the Dordogne is a fairly poorly served department and the trailer bases are located in fairly remote places. It is therefore very difficult to arrive by plane or train. It is therefore advisable to come by car. There is always free parking on site.

It's now up to you to discover part of the Dordogne in a different way. Open spaces, authentic stories, true landscapes and local cuisine . Even if you are a total newbie, trust your guide to help you discover another way to spend exceptional holidays , pleasant and secure. Reconnect with nature and animals, enchanting landscapes, authentic flavors and smells.