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Sport and lifestyle:why do you need to do physical activity?

It's decided, you want to find a healthy lifestyle and this primarily involves (re)taking physical activity ? Not sure where to start or how to go about it? Do you need simple advice to put in place and above all to know the right methods to get started quickly? Great, we'll help you!

Have a good sleep

In summer as in winter, it is necessary to practice a sporting activity to maintain your body and keep your spirits up throughout the year. Sleep and sport are closely linked, and they can be combined in two ways:sleep well to be more efficient during physical exertion, and exercise for better sleep .

On the one hand, fatigue after physical activity, which is considered healthy, allows you to rest more serenely. The body is emptied of everything and can devote itself to what it has to do:sleep peacefully! On the other hand, if you don't sleep well, you feel tired and unmotivated to engage in regular physical activity.

Eat a balanced diet

So that your efforts during your sports activity are not in vain and that you see results quickly and in a lasting way, it is necessary to take care to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Eat, move and drink a lot

Doing a sports activity will quickly have benefits for your body and your organism. In addition to restoring your self-confidence thanks to the hormones secreted, your health will also be improved. However, be careful to have a sufficient caloric intake on a daily basis, not to starve yourself, to hydrate well to be more efficient and better to recover, and to exert yourself as much as possible. Hydration is an important point because during exercise, your body can lose a lot of water in a short time and a poorly hydrated body is prone to injury !

Avoid repeated overeating

Allow yourself a little excess from time to time won't hurt you! For people who follow a diet, sometimes we even speak of a "cheat meal" which means to allow yourself an excess meal. This has some significant benefits:it motivates, it boosts your metabolism and allows you to maintain a social life. But beware, this must remain occasional! The rest of the time,make sure to eat healthy .

Think about food supplements

Dietary supplements provide the necessary nutrients to optimize your performance and your body , to be more efficient in the physical test and more competitive. They work in two stages:they fill in the gaps andenhance athletic performance .

There are several types of supplements:those that act on health and longevity , others during physical exertion, and finally, those that allow you to better recover and improve performance.

Choose quality dietary supplements , which will be suitable for everyone (whether you are athletic or not) and according to the objectives set by each. Supplements come in different forms as you can see here:protein powder, amino acids, weight loss tablets and other carbohydrate sources. It's up to you to decide what suits you best!

Avoid anything harmful

Anything that is not intended to do good to your body, you must banish it! In focus:no smoking, no alcohol and staying away from any potential source of stress.

Quitting smoking, not drinking alcohol

This may seem obvious, but not for everyone! No, playing sports will not compensate for all your daily excesses, especially if they jeopardize your health at the same time. Smoking and consuming alcohol are literally to be avoided if you wish to have a healthy lifestyle .

Alcohol makes you ingest sugar and very bad sugar. In addition to harming your health, it jeopardizes your food hygiene since if you pay attention to your line, you ruin part of your efforts with a simple drink. Know that ethanol takes pleasure in retaining fat in the most unsightly places!

As for smoking, we will continue to prove the benefits of quitting smoking . Even if sometimes it's the sport that helps to quit smoking because it is a powerful natural anti-stress, you should know that smoking after a physical effort reduces the oxygenation of your body in blood and exhausts the muscle resources . After quitting smoking, from the first days you will feel the improvements in your breath, your endurance and in fact, your energy.

Avoid stress

Being under stress, whatever its origin, can cause you to have an unhealthy lifestyle. First of all, you will need to identify the sources of stress to which you are sensitive in order to be able to deal with them correctly. After that, it will be necessary to act on two main axes which are to adopt a healthy diet and engage in physical activity . One cannot go without the other!

Make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day , to remove stimulants (such as coffee, chocolate, sweets and energy drinks). Choose foods rich in vitamins C and B1, proteins, tryptophan, magnesium, fibers and starches.

Simple tips to follow:

  • Sleep well and if possible, take a nap if you lack hours of sleep
  • Eat a balanced diet, don't skip meals
  • Relax, avoid stress, consider Yoga or other relaxation methods
  • And above all, stay positive!