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3 exercises to practice the split

Would you like to be a little more flexible? With these three exercises you work towards a split.

1. An exercise to start with
Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Keep your back straight and extend your arms in front of you. Then step forward with your back straight. This way you stretch the muscles at the back of your legs and they are very important when making a split.

2. Practicing the split together
Sit as far into the split as you can, with your feet against the wall. Have someone gently push you closer to the wall from your lower back. Hold this for ten seconds, you'll probably feel the stretch lessen a bit. Then inhale and let yourself be pushed a little further into the split on the exhale.

3. Practice the split on your own
Sit in the same way as in the previous exercise, but place one hand in front of you and one hand behind you. Try pushing yourself a little closer to the wall with your hands.

Web editor Shirley tried to learn the split in four weeks. Curious if she succeeded?