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How to sleep well?

We pamper our room

The ambiance of your bedroom should be soothing and orderly. We adopt aunt Suzanne's motto "a place for everything", and we opt for efficient storage. The bedroom is above all dedicated to sleep, so we give up painting our bedroom in canary yellow or bright red and favor neutral colors instead. A good sleep is undeniably ensured by a real choice of bedding. Choose the firmness of your mattress according to your personal sensitivity. It is also essential to benefit from good cervical support, translate, to have a good pillow. Because apart from the torso of your dear and tender, a good pillow promotes better relaxation of the cervical, which is essential for sleeping well. There are different pillows depending on your sleep habits, take advice from a specialist without hesitation. Also think about the lighting in your room. At bedtime, turn on a softer light that will be soothing and comforting.

Getting ready to fall asleep

One of the main causes of lack of sleep is stress. To sleep well, it is therefore advisable to set up small reassuring rituals in order to favor deep relaxation. If you have a difficult sleep, it is important to avoid all sources of stimulation or nervousness one to two hours before your bedtime. Avoid prolonged exposure to a light source such as computer screens. Set aside time to relax just for you. Take a good hot bath in which you slip a few drops of essential oils. Then, massage yourself with a lightly scented moisturizer. Finally, once lying on your bed, take a few deep breaths to induce relaxation. You can also opt for yoga to relax and get rid of some tension.