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On a daily basis, alcohol is more caloric than sodas

We often think of alcohol for its harmful effects, especially on the liver, but we tend to forget that it also represents a risk of encouraging overweight. The proof with a study conducted by Euromonitor, which shows that on a daily basis, we ingest many more calories via alcoholic beverages than via sodas. Surprising, right?!

Alcoholic beverages are high in calories

The study was conducted in 24 countries and the result is clear:in 23 of them, the calories linked to drinks come more from alcoholic drinks than from sugary drinks. The largest difference is in South Korea with an average of 168 kcal consumed per day by drinking alcohol against only 44 kcal by tasting a soda. France is also at the top of this list, in eighth position. Only in Taiwan do people get more calories from sugary drinks than from alcoholic beverages.

This may be a good argument to encourage the French to reduce their consumption. In addition, alcohol stimulates the appetite and makes you want to eat more. Not very advantageous for our silhouette all that! Not to mention the obvious health problems caused by alcoholic beverages... Well, that's no reason to jump on sodas, which are still very high in calories. Why don't we drink a little more water?