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Pollution:how to breathe better at home?

The attack of pollution. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, indoor air is on average two to five times more polluted than outdoor air (even if you live in a very polluted city). When we know that we spend about 80% of our time in closed places (home, work, cinema, restaurant…), it’s scary! How to explain that? The sources of pollution are even more numerous there:there are polluting particles from the outside (which penetrate via doors and windows, and, as the dwellings are better and better insulated, do not come out) but also pollution "home", which comes from rugs and carpets, solvents contained in household products, wall paint...

The lethal Weapon. We take the good habit of ventilating, at least twenty minutes a day, all the rooms (even if it is cold). This is the minimum necessary to renew the indoor air. There are also air purifiers, whose job is to filter polluting particles (even the finest), but also bacteria, dust, animal hair... We fix it in the room where we pass the most time or, if it is nomadic, we move it from one to the other, according to our activities.

To draw. Air purifier, Philips, from €299.99 (filter from €30). Air purifier, Rowenta, from €269 (replacement filters €68.60).