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Retouching your photos:what simple software to use?

Retouching your photos:what simple software to use?

You take a lot of photos. Sometimes the result suits you perfectly, sometimes something is missing. Is the photo missed for all that? By necessarily. A photo can be retouched using software. Which one to choose ? How to use it ? What edits to make? Here's everything you need to know about easy-to-use photo editing software.

Why retouch a photo?

We all have 1001 reasons to edit a photo. Sometimes it is because the brightness was insufficient, or on the contrary too high. It is also possible that the photo was taken against the light. We are not always in control of the weather, nor of the people, animals or even objects that appear on our shot. Photo editing can also allow you to zoom, crop, lengthen, widen, reduce shadows, change colors, etc.

Social networks are very popular and seniors are increasingly present, especially on Facebook to stay in touch with their children and grandchildren. Often, you want to post photos there that are beneficial to you.

Be aware that an overly retouched photo is not pleasant to look at, especially if the retouching is clumsy. Stay reasonable and make only the essential alterations that will embellish your shots without distorting them.

A few tips before embarking on photo editing

Editing photos can be difficult. In order not to make mistakes, there are several rules to follow. The first, and most important, is to properly back up the original photos. Thus, in case of error, it is possible to start over. It is also necessary to crop the photos before the retouching. It is possible to crop, enlarge or reduce.

If you are not familiar with the software you are about to use, you should find out. To do this, you can read user guides or watch tutorials.

The edits that can be made to a photo

On a photo, thanks to software, it is possible to carry out many retouchings. Here are some examples.

  • Adjust white balance or color balance. Thanks to this feature, you can bring neutrality to the photo by toning down a color that is too present or too bright.
  • Working on the saturation also allows you to better balance and even adjust both cold and warm colors.
  • Adjusting the brightness and exposure is sometimes necessary to catch up on a photo or highlight the immortalized elements.
  • Switching a photo to black and white is possible. This option is used to save a photo whose color rendering is not optimal.
  • Applying a filter to a photo is an option that is available on social networks, smartphones and of course editing software. There are several.
  • Remove flaws. We would all like to remove the small defects from our photos. Thanks to the software, a few clicks are enough! The red eyes disappear just like the garbage can around the corner.

Which software to choose to retouch your photos?


PhotoFiltre is undoubtedly the most accessible software for those new to photo editing. Thanks to PhotoFiltre, it is possible to use a large number of tools, effects and filters. Getting started is quick, and very quickly, it is possible to get the best out of your photos. PhotoFiltre is intended for beginner amateurs. The software has many limitations. Impossible to be creative with him! Because it is free, just download it from the official website.


Very well known, the Gimp software allows you to work on your photos with basic functionalities as well as advanced functionalities. It is intended for amateurs and allows progress in image processing. Many tools are very similar to Photoshop software. This is the case of layer management. Gimp is free, getting started is a bit difficult.


Unlike PhotoFiltre and Gimp, RawTherapee is not easy to use software. Of course, you don't need any specific training to get started with this software. But it is wise to take the time to understand how the various features are used, which are mostly advanced. RawTherapee is free.

Other software

All the software mentioned above is free. They are also the easiest to use. Other software for retouching photos are marketed. Among them is Photoshop, which is the most popular. There is also Lightroom. In both cases, the products are aimed at advanced level amateurs and professionals. It is very difficult to use them if you have never done image processing.

How do I get software to edit my photos?

Download photo editing software

There are many software for editing photos. To obtain them, several options are available to you. PhotoFiltre, Gimp and RawTherapee can be downloaded. We strongly recommend you to download from the official site or a reliable site. Indeed, on download sites, it is common to download fake software accompanied by some viruses. Vigilance is therefore essential. Proceed step by step, and take the time to read the terms of use carefully.

Buy image processing software

Because you have mastered photo editing, you want to go further and buy more advanced software. It's possible ! They are sold online and in-store. Most often it is a card with an activation code. The price is between 100€ and 150€. It is also possible to take advantage of editing software on an ad hoc basis. The price is then around 25€ per month.

Whichever software you choose, take the time to find out. Depending on your abilities, the grip will be more or less long. If you have any questions about using the software, or about a tool or feature, you'll find your answers online!