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Feeding garden birds during the winter to better observe them:our advice

Feeding garden birds during the winter to better observe them:our advice

In winter, many species of birds still frequent our gardens. There are some sedentary birds that can be observed all year round, but also migratory birds that come to seek more pleasant living conditions in our temperate regions than in the countries of northern Europe.

Feeding all these birds is a necessity. In winter, the lack of food is more deadly for them than the cold. It is also a good way to easily observe multiple species of birds, especially if you make sure to offer a variety of foods in your garden

How to feed garden birds to better observe them?

To bring the birds you want to observe into your garden, it is best to install one or more feeders in height, in open places, out of reach of predators such as cats or birds of prey. A tree or a post in your garden will be perfect for placing a feeder. With this type of installation, you will primarily attract birds that live in trees such as tits or swifts for example. Position your feeder so that it is visible from one of the windows in your home. You will thus have plenty of time to observe the birds that come to feed there, without disturbing them and without scaring them.

To ensure that the birds come to your home to feed, remember to put food in the feeder regularly, especially in the morning and evening. To retain the birds and avoid the risk of contamination and epidemics, it is also important to clean the feeder on a regular basis.

Also consider garden birds that prefer to feed on the ground such as sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes or finches, by varying the places where you will throw seeds or fruits.

You will have a better chance of observing different species of birds in the winter in the garden if you place a variety of food there and in fixed places and times.

Organize the plants in your garden to attract birds

At the onset of winter, the tendency is to completely clean the garden of its plants which no longer give flowers or fruit. However, a number of these clumps and shrubs still produce seeds necessary for feeding birds. So wait until spring to clean up your garden and let the different species come, so you can observe them at your leisure.

What type of food for which bird?

Depending on the species of birds you want to observe in your garden, you can favor a certain type of food.

To observe blackbirds and thrushes

Blackbirds and thrushes feed on the ground. To attract them and be able to observe them at your leisure, place very ripe, even rotten, apples or pears on the ground.

To observe tits

In winter, tits love the grease bars made available to them in gardens, hung from a branch or a gutter. This type of food is available ready-made in garden centers but you can also easily make your own fat bread made from vegetable fat, sunflower seeds, groundnuts and peanuts.

To observe robins

Robins come to feed mainly on the ground where they can find the seeds you have placed. The ideal is to offer the birds a seed mixture made up of black sunflower, peanuts and cracked corn.

Whatever species of birds you want to attract to your garden to better observe them, you must not forget, in addition to food, to provide them with sufficient water. It is particularly essential for grain-eating birds that do not find much water in their basic food. Water should be provided several times a day, at a slightly lukewarm temperature, and replaced regularly to keep it clean.