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Senior cruise:essential destinations depending on the season

Senior cruise:essential destinations depending on the season

As some cruise lines say “the desire to travel is ageless”. If you are a senior and wish to take a cruise at sea or on the river, know that you will be able to discover marvelous places as you have never seen them before. By granting you a cruise according to your desires, know that it is possible to discover many destinations depending on the season which you choose. Here are many destinations made for you, where you will enjoy excellent comfort in a soundproof cabin with a direct view of the outside, very good restaurants, on-board medical service as well as shows and shops for shopping and above all breathtaking landscapes.

Dubai and United Arab Emirates for winter

Departing from Marseille, there are magnificent cruises to be made to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates from November to March . Count 21 days to complete this wonderful route where you will find the sun and the heat to forget the grayness of winter. You have the choice between:

  • A very comfortable interior cabin, but without a sea view for just over €2,000 for two passengers
  • An outside cabin with the same comfort, but with a sea view for just over €3,000 for two passengers
  • A cabin with a sea view balcony where you can enjoy a private terrace for more than €3,600 for two passengers

Cruise schedule for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

From Marseille, you will sail on the Mediterranean and dock in several ports in different cities before arriving in Dubai. Once there, you will discover a land of a thousand contrasts integrating skyscrapers the highest, alongside wonderful gardens and mosques in the middle of a sandy desert. Dubai is a city mixing the future and the tradition of the past. You can go see the desert in 4X4 or camel back according to your preference. You will then sail in the unique and exceptionally beautiful Oman Fjord, you can visit the old town of Muscat, then go explore the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. Oman awaits you in the middle of paradisiacal oases, Persian remains and lunar landscapes under a blazing sun. The United Arab Emirates is also hundreds of kilometers of deserted beaches, visits to palaces and royal mosques, as well as sumptuous dinners for sheikhs.

Cruise to do in spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are ideal seasons to go on a cruise on the Mediterranean. There are many destinations for seniors. Afterwards, it all depends on your desires, the time you want to devote to it and the budget you have. Here are several examples of interesting destinations.

Mediterranean basin for 8 days

Departing from Marseille, you can join your cruise ship for a unique experience. This trip is recommended in spring and autumn, but you can also do it in summer. You will enjoy extreme comfort on board. On the one hand, you will leave for Italy, with Genoa, Rome, Taranto and Syracuse in Sicily for example, before returning to Marseille. Other cruises also go to Malta and Naples to reach Ibiza in Spain, then Barcelona with return to Marseilles. This type of cruise is offered for a price starting from 400 to 500 € per person.

The Greek Islands

Another cruise to be planned in spring or autumn. From Athens , here is the typical example of an 8-day cruise that you can take for a price ranging from 900 to 1,500 € per person on a luxuriously equipped ship. On the first day, you embark in Athens and sail to Kusadasi . You will then go to the island of Rhodes and then to Agios Nikolaus in Crete . The following days are dedicated to the Cyclades with stops in Santorini, Milos and Mykonos . You will have time to soak up the landscapes with the turquoise sea, even purple in some places, and the white houses against a backdrop of sirtaki before heading to Piraeus with your head full of magnificent memories.

Descent of the Nile in Egypt

Still to be done in spring or autumn, the descent of the Nile in Egypt on a luxury boat, allows you to discover this magnificent country. Count a price starting at nearly €600 (excluding visits) per person, flight from Paris, all inclusive. You will board at Luxor and discover the city museum. If you wish, you can also visit Karnak . You will then reach Thebes , or the city of the dead and its dozens of tombs including that of Ramses II. You will visit the Valley of the Craftsmen and the Colossi of Memmon . The Nile will then take you to Edfu and Lom Ombo where you can admire the Temple of Horus then the Ptolemaic temple. Along the water, you will then discover Aswan to get lost in the streets laden with the scents of a thousand spices in the souks. You can also visit the shores of Lake Nasser to discover the temple dedicated to Ramses II and Nefertari before leaving for Luxor. This day in the city will allow you to shop or visit the city and its region before embarking for Paris.

The Caribbean and the Indian Ocean in winter

The islands of the Caribbean and those of the Indian Ocean are two destinations to favor when it is winter in France. In the Indian Ocean, you can sail to discover paradise islands such as:

  • Mauritius
  • Reunion Island
  • Seychelles
  • Madagascar

In the Caribbean, many wonderful cruises are within your reach, such as:

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • The Netherlands Antilles
  • The Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Cuba
  • Guadeloupe and Martinique
  • The Cayman Islands
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Jamaica, etc.

You will discover beaches of fine white sand bordering a clear and warm sea . You can relax in a hammock between two coconut trees or simply stay on board your cabin to admire this postcard landscape.

Cruises in the middle of summer

In the middle of summer, some cruises are to be taken to discover countries where you would never have thought that you could go there one day. In summer, embark for Northern Europe. Thus, you will be able to discover:

  • Copenhagen
  • Stockholm
  • Helsinki
  • Saint-Petersburg and its sleepless nights where the sun never sets
  • Rotterdam
  • Oslo
  • Belfast
  • Reykjavik and many more

Many dream destinations await you to visit these Nordic countries where you may have the chance to see whales, seals, elephant seals, etc. Fantastic and still virgin landscapes will be offered to you in a unique light.

And why not river cruises

River cruises, aside from sailing down the Nile in Egypt, are less well known than sea cruises, but are just as worthy of your attention. The boats are smaller than cruise ships and the atmosphere is more intimate. In Europe, these cruises exist on:

  • The Rhine
  • The Danube
  • The Douro

They allow you to know magnificent capitals, the best known of which are Vienna and Budapest on the Danube. For more exoticism, you can still embark on a cruise on:

  • The Volga in Russia,
  • The Ganges in India
  • The Mekong in Asia

Also think about river cruises in France to discover the Seine, the Saône, the Loire, the Rhône and the canals like those of:

  • Burgundy
  • Nivernais
  • From the South
  • Lateral, etc.

These suggestions are only examples and therefore not exhaustive. You will find many other cruises in France, in Europe, on other continents and why not, a trip around the world.