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Which cabin to choose for a cruise? Our advices

Which cabin to choose for a cruise? Our advices

For your next vacation, you are thinking of making the cruise of your dreams. Finally, a well-deserved vacation that you want to be as successful as possible. Before booking your trip, it is imperative to choose your cabin in relation to your:desire, comfort, budget and expectation. Here is everything you need to know on the subject.

The different cabins on a cruise ship

On a cruise liner, there are four kinds of cabins which are:

  • Interior cabins
  • Outside cabins
  • States with balcony
  • Suite cabins

You will make your choice according to your budget and the comfort that you want to have. Here is how each of these cabins is made.

The interior cabin

The inside cabin is the cheapest accommodation on a cruise ship. It has no window or porthole allowing you to see the sea. Its space, on the other hand, is often the same as that of the outside cabin. It is recommended if you just want to sleep there and if you are not claustrophobic. Its main advantage is its price, but also the fact that you can sleep in the dark.

The outside cabin

The outside cabin is equipped with portholes or portholes. You cannot open it, but benefit from the direct view of the sea and the landscape available to you. This cabin with sea view is more expensive than the interior cabin and depending on the ships or companies, its price goes from simple to triple. If you opt for this cabin, make sure before you book it that the sea view is not obstructed by a lifeboat, as it often is. If a lifeboat partially obstructs the view and you book it, the price will be better.

The cabin with balcony

The balcony cabin is the most requested accommodation on a cruise ship. It allows you to have a sea view, but also the advantage of enjoying a private outdoor space with the balcony where you can have your breakfast as a dilettante or sunbathe. If your cruise includes exceptional landscapes, do not hesitate to book this cabin which is totally adapted to enjoy the most pleasant stay possible. If you are a smoker, you can smoke on the balcony if the company accepts it.

The suite cabin

The suite cabin is much larger than the three cabins already mentioned. Of course, it is also more expensive, but you get some services that others don't like:

  • A hot tub
  • The service of a butler
  • A minibar available, etc.

Warning :booking a cabin according to its category is not enough. To have a very pleasant stay, it is advisable to choose a cabin in a good location, too.

The location of the cabin, of paramount importance

Whichever cabin structure you choose, consideration should also be given to its location. Indeed, its location is of paramount importance, because it is necessary to avoid being too shaken to avoid seasickness, not to be too close to the engines or a noisy place. Normally, travel agents advise you to select the location from your cabin. You should also know that if you book a cruise on a latest-generation ship, the boat is equipped with stabilizers to reduce roll in heavy seas.

Good to know :the higher a cabin is, the more the passengers occupying it feel the movements of the boat. If it is too low or at the rear, engine noise can be significant, other noise pollution can be added such as:

  • Music from the disco
  • The sounds of dishes in the restaurant
  • Noise next to reception

The proximity to the elevators

A cruise ship is always quite large and has several floors. If you don't want to walk too much, it is advisable to choose a cabin that is near the elevators , because this additional comfort is far from negligible.

Achieving the cruise of your dreams that you have been waiting for for a long time, deserves your attention on what may seem to you to be details. Think that your comfort will be greatly increased if you make wise choices before leaving. This trip deserves one or more exceptions for it to be truly exceptional.