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3 indoor activity ideas to do with your grandkids when it rains

3 indoor activity ideas to do with your grandkids when it rains

What a pleasure to look after your grandchildren! But things can get tough when the weather doesn't lend itself to long walks outside. When it rains, keep the toddlers busy! Three ideas for indoor activities to do with your grandchildren

Organize a baking workshop

If it's raining outside, there's nothing like organizing a pastry workshop with your grandchildren and taking the opportunity to concoct a good snack together. Whatever their age, children will be delighted to mix flour, eggs, butter with their hands! Opt for recipes that are easy to make for both young and old, such as pancake batter, waffle batter, chocolate mousse, shortbread biscuits or even fruit salad.

Improvise a carnival

Children love to dress up. So when it rains, why not improvise a carnival at home for your grandchildren? They will be happy to rummage through grandpa and grandma's wardrobes to find clothes and dress up with them. Your cellars and attics can hold real treasures for your grandchildren! Define a theme with them and organize a parade to elect the best costume. Don't forget the make-up workshop, laughter ahead!

Think of a treasure hunt

To occupy your grandchildren at home when it rains, treasure hunting can be a very popular activity. No need to organize anything complicated, your grandchildren will be delighted to have to search around the house for objects with very simple clues. If you are short of inspiration, there are "turnkey" kits available on the Internet to organize a treasure hunt and be sure to please your little adventurers.