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Which plants to install in a balcony planter?

Which plants to install in a balcony planter?

You can do a multitude of things with a balcony planter, whether you buy it or make it yourself. It all depends on the space, light, exposure, time, energy and money you put into it. Balconies generally benefit from microclimates, very different from the climate on the ground. Also, the conditions on the balconies can be extreme, with huge temperature fluctuations.

The good news is that there are beautiful plants for almost any possible condition. The trick is to really understand the environment, before planning your balcony garden. If you take the time to assess the conditions your balcony offers, your chances of gardening success will be greatly improved.

The principles of gardening - tips

The first thing to consider when starting a balcony planter is space. No matter how tiny the space you have, it is still possible to have a garden. If you have vertical spaces, you can plant or hang planters on them. If this vertical space is non-existent, you can create your own spaces by stacking pots, or creating trellises.

The second consideration to take into account is the sun. How many hours of direct sunlight does your space get? This is particularly essential especially on a balcony, because buildings or walls can obstruct the sun on certain parts. You will need to accurately estimate the number of hours of direct sunlight for each location where you wish to place a planter. To do this, you will have to methodically observe the sunshine of the best.

The third thing to consider is how much time you can give your plants. "No-maintenance" plants are myths unless they're plastic or already dead. All plants need some care. However, there is a wide range of care needs and degrees of difficulty. Think about how much attention you can give to your plants.

5 examples of easy flowers for a flower planter

The best flowers for a window box are those that are easily grown in window pots, hanging baskets or containers.

Petunias are one of the favorite flowers for balcony planters. They produce a profusion of colorful flowers that spread a sweet fragrance during the night. Also, petunias grow quickly. Its flowers adorn the balcony in purple, pink, red or white. They grow well in hanging baskets and containers and require sun and watering to bloom well.

Geranium is also an exceptional flower to grow on the balcony. It is extremely easy to grow. The geranium just needs plenty of sun and water for you to enjoy bright, multicolored flowers in pink, red, purple or white colors.

Begonias not only have beautiful flowers of red, pink, orange, white, and even gold colors, but also thick heart-shaped foliage. This flower is ideal for shady balconies. Begonias can also be grown in hanging baskets. Their main requirement is to have moist and fertile soil.

Lobelia is a beautiful thick blue, white or pink flower. It is a plant that requires very little maintenance, suitable for a balcony planter and easy to grow. The lobelia likes full sun, but it can tolerate partial shade. After flowering, it should be cut to a length of 6-8 cm to encourage new flowering.

Finally the chrysanthemum is the second most popular flower after the rose. Seasons and months vary, but chrysanthemums can be grown in fall and early winter. It is a beautiful container flower, all it needs is full sun and water.

5 examples of vegetables that will acclimatize in a planter

Choosing the right vegetables to grow on your balcony will not prevent you from going to the market, but it will allow you to say that it is your production. Here are five vegetables to plant in balcony planters, provided they are large and deep.

Chillies can grow in small spaces like tubs on a balcony. However, if you want to get the best results try putting them in pots that are deep enough so that the roots can grow freely.

Next, the squash . Some varieties of cucurbits will grow, spread or climb on your balcony. You may need to direct the vines or trellis them.

Salads to cut produce very well in window boxes on a balcony. But you can also choose to plant lettuces or batavias.

You are entitled to tomatoes juicy and fresh. You will have no problem growing them in planters and pots. To start, you can try a variety like cherry tomatoes or cocktail tomatoes.

5 examples of ideal aromatic plants for a planter

Nothing better than aromatic herbs freshly picked from his garden to enhance the small dishes concocted in the kitchen. Here are 5 aromatic herbs to plant in balcony planters.

Thyme is always green since it is persistent. It is an ideal plant for growing in the garden. It does not require much moisture and seems indifferent to soil nutrients.

Parsley meanwhile grows in partially sunny conditions. This is a plant that needs frequent watering when grown in a pot. Two or three plants are all it takes for occasional use.

Basil is an annual herbaceous plant used in summer cooking, especially with tomatoes. It is a plant that needs water for its development but especially sun. When winter arrives, it will not be able to survive:the first frosts will get the better of it.

Mint grows easily in planters. It is a plant that grows quite quickly and will continue to provide you with fresh leaves throughout its growth and beyond, even if the winter, it disappears.

Finally, the chives is one of those herbs that grows in any pot and regrows year after year. It is essential to enhance your salads but also to season fresh cheese with salt and pepper.