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Exercise when you are pregnant

In many cases you can exercise fine when you are pregnant, although it is wise to do it in consultation with your doctor. Yet pregnant women often endure comments at the gym.

Bad comments
Fitness instructor Sara Haley is 35 weeks pregnant and still works out six times a week, despite receiving a lot of criticism. "Some people suddenly say everything they're thinking when they see a pregnant woman working out," Sara says. 'I get nasty comments, it sometimes feels like high school.'

Avoid gym
Sara Haley specializes in fitness for pregnant women, so she knows what she's doing. Exercise for pregnant women is also becoming more and more common, Sara believes. 'I just think that many women consciously choose to exercise outside the gym.'

DVD Sara has released a DVD especially for those women. With the DVD she wants to inspire women to do sports sessions. "It makes you feel strong and maybe even a little sexy." By exercising at home, at least no one will stare at you or make mean comments.

Did you exercise when you were pregnant?