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3 notable sports

Ready for something other than the gym? Maybe these sports are for you.

1. Yoga with kids
At No Regrets Farm in Willamette Valley, Oregon, you can do yoga with kids. It may seem crazy, but the owner of the farm says it's ideal to have animals around you during yoga. 'Animals can really help humans with stress and illness or grief.'

2. Swim like a mermaid
Since the end of last year, this trend has been conquering the water. Swimming like a mermaid:you should not underestimate it, because such a tail is heavy. In Colorado you can do Mermaid Fitness. In June, a swimming pool in Zeist gave a course. At the moment there are no known swimming pools in the Netherlands that offer a course, but keep an eye on your local swimming pool…

3. Extreme ironing
Would you like to get rid of another iron when you were actually peeing to exercise? Maybe extreme ironing is for you. Maybe not.

Main image:No regrets farm