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Workout apps to try

Now that you're indoors more often because of the coronavirus:do your workout with an app. You're done in 10 minutes!


With no less than 230 exercises, this app never gets boring. The exercises are divided into categories (strength exercises, cardio, stretch and yoga exercises), after which you can indicate whether you want to train your upper body, lower body or your whole body. Also nice:the app keeps track of your progress, so that you can see exactly how much you have exercised at the end of the month.

Free on the App Store and Google Play

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First fill in the questionnaire:your weight, level, size, goal, motivation. Based on this, you get a personal program that not only consists of workouts, but also a healthy meal planner. You can already view the exercises of the workout in advance, including an explanation of how to do an exercise. You can also add workouts yourself, which is handy
for example, if you occasionally go for a run and want to include that in your progress overview.

Free on the App Store and Google Play


In this app you will only find workouts that last seven minutes. No complicated exercises, but basic movements, such as squats, lunges and jumping jacks. You can win awards and collect hearts by completing different missions. Immediately a nice motivation boost.

Free on the App Store and Google Play

Workout for Women

An app with different workouts specially made for women, such as the 'Angel Abs' and the 'Angel Butt' workouts. According to the app, you will have visible results within thirty days:less belly fat and fewer pounds on the scale. You can set a daily reminder at a time of your choosing, so you don't forget a session.

Free on the App Store and Google Play

Daily Workouts – Exercise &Fitness Trainer

It doesn't get any simpler:choose which body part you want to train, indicate how long you have the time and the app offers you a suitable workout. Includes videos showing the exercises.

Free on the App Store and Google Play

Source:Santé January 2020, text:Mara Ruijter