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How do I take care of my lenses?

Always clean hands

To avoid any contamination, care should be taken to use hot water and soap (avoid oils and perfumed soaps likely to leave residues). Then dry off with a clean towel.

Beware of nails that are too long and anything big

Long fingernails can scratch and tear the lens. Time to get familiar with it, so we opt for short nails. We also forget about saliva (and its microbes), alcohol (and its high "stripping" power), even for emergency cleaning.

Lentil and water - even mineral water - don't mix!

Do not take a dip with them or run them under tap water because the water can contain viruses and microbes that can attach to the lens and cause inflammation of the cornea! Exit also eye drops that can tint the lens. At the swimming pool, at the sea or in a jacuzzi, we therefore opt for the good old pair of glasses.

Rinse them yes but with a suitable cleaning solution.

To remove dust grains and any other residue but also to moisturize and not have the eye dry! We are, however, mistaken. Some products sold in supermarkets are not without danger. We therefore ask an ophthalmologist beforehand.

How long do we wear them for? And for preservation?

12 hours (large) max in a row and we respect the wearing time. As for conservation, always clean in a case that is replaced every 3 months.

More info:The National Union of Ophthalmologists of France

S.L Dippa