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Sugar would allow you to give birth faster

A little sugar to speed up childbirth? This is the surprising discovery that researchers from the University of Sherbrook, in Quebec, have just made. Based on the observation that sugar improves muscle performance, they wondered if it could be the same during childbirth. And the results are amazing!

Work reduced by 76 minutes

For the purposes of their study published on the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine website, they conducted an experiment with 200 pregnant women, separated into two groups:in the first, the participants received a dose of saline solution intravenously during the 'childbirth. The volunteers of the second group, for their part, received the same liquid, to which had been added a little sugar. The researchers found that the average duration of labor was reduced by 76 minutes in women who received sugar. "Glucose supplementation therefore significantly reduces the total duration of labor without increasing the complication rate," said Rosianne Pare, who participated in the study.

Excellent news for future mothers anxious about giving birth!