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To take care of our brain, let's eat chocolate

Chocolate is the indulgence of many of us. We tend to want to snack on it in front of our favorite series or when we are not in good spirits. First, you think you're eating a square and then you end up swallowing the whole tablet... and regretting it. No more guilt, chocolate would be good for the brain. Scientists from the University of L'Aquila in Italy have looked into the effects of cocoa and have shown that its regular consumption would help protect the brain. We are not going to deprive ourselves...

Thanks flavanols

Present in chocolate (but also in green tea leaves and grape seeds), it is flavanols, a natural molecule that has protective effects for our neurons, which cause beneficial effects on our brain. Regular consumption of chocolate would improve memory capacities, have greater reactivity, better processing of visual information and more fluid language. Just that ! Obviously, we are talking about chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, to feel the benefits of the flavanols contained in the bean. And no, a pain au chocolat does not work. The icing on the (chocolate!) cake would be even more beneficial for women, who, thanks to it, have less memory problems and are more reactive than men when they are sleep deprived.

So whether you need comfort after a hard day's work or just have a sudden craving for cocoa, you can fall for a square while pampering your brain.