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How to organize a dinner show for a third age club?

To be sure to delight an audience made up of seniors, offer them the best dinner show. But beware, the organization must be particularly meticulous for the event to be crowned with success.

Choosing the right caterer

The caterer is at the very heart of the success of a dinner show. It will therefore be necessary to choose the best service provider. To begin, determine the number of people expected. Then choose the meal plan:you can opt for a buffet or a seated meal. It is also possible to mix the two formulas especially if the assembly exceeds 200 people. From a logistical point of view, it will be much easier.

Now take stock of your budget. Once all these elements have been clarified, you can move on to the research stage. Check the Yellow Pages, go online or get word of mouth. If you are looking for rather high-end services, you can go to the caterers of France. After this step, select two or three service providers, request quotes and then compare the best offers.

Which is the most suitable room?

The next step is to choose the reception hall. This is very important because the availability of it influences the date of the event itself. It must be admitted that it is not particularly easy to choose the reception area. The best is certainly to impose a certain number of criteria such as the budget dedicated to the festivities, the environment of the room, the number of guests, parking, access or even the size of the room. In any case, know that the setting you choose will play a crucial role in the identity and appeal of your event.

Equipment rental companies not to be overlooked

How do you plan to ensure all the logistics if you do not use a reception equipment rental company? The first things to prioritize are the crockery and the various accessories used to set the tables, if the caterer does not include it in its offer. Indeed, most caterers include everything related to reception equipment in their prices. In this case, you are relieved of this task.

Then, you also have to think about changing rooms if the room does not provide any (clothes racks...) without forgetting the question of furniture, tablecloths or even chairs. Do not hesitate to ask for details on this subject when looking for prices for the event.

An unforgettable show

The show is considered "the icing on the cake" of the event. To please the audience, take the time to choose the type of show that will be presented. Among the most popular shows are the musical entertainment. Offering interpretations of the best of French songs will, for example, help to revive certain memories among seniors.

Fancy something grander? The magic show remains a safe bet. Close-up magic, grand illusion magic or stage magic, the choice is yours. And if you prefer dancing, there are dance companies that can offer tailor-made shows on various themes such as the tropics, the French cancan, or other, which will certainly please seniors.