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3 good reasons to switch to an electric bike when you are a senior

The electric bike is talked about a little more every day. If you are hesitating to take the step, this article presents in detail the 3 good reasons to switch to an electric bike when you are a senior. If you are still hesitant after reading this, nothing beats trying! Be aware that many stores offer an electric bike rental service. Several French cities have also set up self-service subscription systems. You won't be able to say that you don't know if it's good for you or not...

Reason 1:Because the electric bike allows you to continue cycling

The mobility of seniors decreases with their physical abilities. However, the electric bike allows you to continue cycling. It is an evidence on which it is all the same interesting to stop.

The bicycle is a means of transport that allows you to keep your nose in the wind, which is very stimulating. Evolving in a natural environment and taking in the fresh air is good for morale. Moreover, with the electric version of the bike, you continue to ride with friends or family members, without being excluded from the group. Whatever the route, you'll be able to keep up with the times and share good times. Depending on the nature of the route and the bike you have chosen, between 50 and 160 km will be accessible to you without excessive effort.

Reason n°2:Because the electric bike is still sport

The electric bike is still a sport. Softer, of course:the electric assistance relieves pedaling effort. This does not mean that the cyclist does not make any effort. Pedaling still works the legs, of course, but many other parts of the body that we are not always aware of:the shoulders, arms, abs and back muscles. And the heart is activated proportionally to ensure the realization of the movements. This mobilization of the body does not expose to any risk of injury because the assistance prevents any exaggerated, brutal or too intense effort.

Like riding an electric bike, it's still playing sports, the psychological effects, induced by any physical activity, are there:you don't let yourself be overwhelmed by stress, you overcome the onslaught of depression and your sleep is of better quality.

Reason n°3:To satisfy your ecological ambitions

MTB, city or sports version... The choice is vast and you will inevitably find the electric bike that suits your physical aptitude and the type of route you plan to do most often.

The electric bike can be used very well on a daily basis, in short-distance trips, if you live in the city. Conurbations are constantly developing facilities for cyclists, cycle lanes make cycling travel much safer and it is now easy to find places to park your two-wheeler. You will therefore probably find many opportunities to get around in a “lighter” way, by bike, rather than by car.

According to a study carried out by the European Cycling Federation (ECF), a person traveling with an electric bicycle does not emit much more CO2 equivalent than on an unassisted bicycle (22 g against 21 g CO2e/km) . However, you should be very careful about recycling the battery once it has reached the end of its life. Reconditioning is undoubtedly the best option to limit the negative impacts on the environment of the use of a battery.

The criteria you should pay attention to when choosing the electric bike that's right for you

  • The driving position :Most e-bikes are city bikes, adopting an upright riding position with high, close handlebars. There are VTC versions, on which you will be more leaning:those who prefer the feeling of speed over the comfort of the seat will prefer this type of model.
  • Battery capacity :Most batteries have a capacity of 11Ah. You can go for more but not for less as a lower power battery will cause an annoying increase in the number of recharges.
  • The type of assistance :if you have the financial means to buy a high-end bike, do not hesitate to opt for these models which have proportional assistance. The sensors in place measure the pressure you exert on the pedals and the level of difficulty of the route to adjust the power on its own, which limits energy consumption and promotes greater autonomy. Some models offer 6 km/h no-pedal assistance, which makes it easier to start on small hills.

Some limits to the use of an electric bike

You have to be aware that you have to be careful when using an electric bike. The accelerations of such a bike can be quite strong and the speed up to 25 km/h (maximum authorized by the legislation) requires having good reaction capacities. You must also have maintained good cervical and upper body mobility to be able to turn right and left freely to monitor the environment in which you are moving and anticipate possible accidents. Friction and clashes between cyclists and pedestrians or between cyclists and car drivers are more and more frequent...