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3 physical activities recommended for seniors

Aging leads to a decrease in muscle mass and can, among other things, promote falls. Maintaining regular physical activity is therefore important to keep in shape. The most athletic seniors can, combined with a good diet, practice more or less sustained physical activities in a club.

For others, daily movement, working your muscles, is necessary at least 30 minutes a day, as recommended by Santé Publique France. Example of three physical activities recommended for seniors, easy to practice:

Walk regularly

Walking is a physical activity recommended for seniors because it improves cardiac and respiratory capacities. Walking at your own pace for 30 minutes every day is a good endurance exercise and also provides an energy gain. All occasions are good for practicing this physical activity:shopping, walking your dog, walking with family or friends.

Take gentle gymnastics classes

There are many sports clubs or associations that offer gentle gymnastics lessons suitable for seniors. This physical activity has the advantage of being moderate for the cardiovascular system but intense enough to maintain the muscles and joints.

Yoga, stretching or even tai chi chuan are forms of gentle gymnastics that seniors can practice easily and without risk. Aquagym, practiced in courses adapted to seniors, is also a good physical activity to adopt. Gymnastic movements are easier to perform in the water which, at the same time, allows you to work your muscles more, but gently.


Cycling regularly is a physical activity suitable for seniors, especially for those who suffer from osteoarthritis (but not severe) in the joints and for those who are overweight. Cycling is excellent for cardiovascular endurance, it also strengthens leg muscles and maintains dexterity and balance.

In summary, physical activity is important for seniors. Everyone must choose their activity according to their state of health first, and then, especially according to their desires. Moving a little every day is within the reach of the greatest number.