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Stand for a good line

Burning calories doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to exercise hard, standing instead of sitting more often already has an effect.

Take advantage
Standing for a minute burns 0.7 calories. That sounds like nothing, but do the math:standing for an hour burns 42 calories. If you stand for three hours every five days, you burn an extra 630 calories per week. That's a nice bonus!

Stand more often
Asking your boss for a standing desk might be going too far, but with the tips below you can ensure that you stand more often.

– Make your phone calls standing up, or better yet, walk back and forth.
– Watch TV standing up. Your favorite TV series will become even more exciting and you will soon be standing for 45 minutes per episode.
– Have a standing table in a restaurant.
– Eat your breakfast standing. You were in a hurry anyway.
– Get up on public transport for someone else. Win-win.
– Cut your vegetables standing in the kitchen and stand while cooking.
– Keep your own administration, standing of course.
– Use your iPad standing up. | Image:Shutterstock