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Motivation tips for running in the cold

Does the cold reduce your motivation to go for a run? With these motivational tips you put on your running shoes and dive back under your warm blanket on the couch after your round.

Walk with your favorite playlist

Create a playlist with your favorite music. Choose songs that make you happy and that give you energy. Do you find it difficult to put together a playlist yourself? Several sports lists with uptempo songs can be found on Spotify. Also motivating:listen to an inspiring or exciting podcast while running. You will notice that your round is over in no time.

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Make running quality time

Who says you can't combine running? Take a walk with your husband, girlfriend or sister. If you walk at a leisurely pace, you can easily catch up.

Set a goal

Did you start running because you want to lose weight or because you want to improve your fitness? Setting a goal motivates. However, don't go too fast. Don't sign up for a marathon right away if you've only been training for a month. Realistic goals are much more motivating. Plan running in your calendar, too. If you set a fixed day in your agenda, it is easier to keep it up.

Count the trees

Have you just started your round, but do you want to turn around again because your legs feel so heavy? Add trees, dogs, cyclists or women with hats. By playing a game with yourself, walking becomes a lot less difficult.

Change route regularly

The same round through the park every time gets boring quickly. Therefore, change routes regularly. Also try to switch surfaces:one time on asphalt and the other time on a softer surface such as sand or grass. This is not only more challenging, but also better for your knees, because the load is different. Do you find it difficult to find a new route? With this website, you can easily map out a new route and measure the distance.

Join a running club

Do you always run alone? Join a running group. It is fun and you also learn more about technology. There are various running groups spread across the Netherlands. You can also contact your local athletic club. They often have a recreational group with a running trainer who can guide and motivate you.


Really no point? Then just go for a walk. Put on your running clothes. Once you are outside and have walked a bit, you will see that you want to increase the pace a bit, until you are finally running.