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Food rebalancing:27 so-called "negative calorie" foods that are very effective for losing weight!

Okay, let's break a first cliché right away:the term "negative calorie foods" is a decoy, since strictly speaking there are no foods that do not provide any calories... Alas, we must not not dream! But some fruits and vegetables contain so little that the energy the body will spend digesting them is greater than what these foods provide.

So-called “negative calorie” foods:for a (much) healthier diet!

Negative calorie foods are those that are low on the glycemic index and high in fiber, which allows them to boost the production of digestive enzymes. Be careful, do not think that by eating the components of this list, you will melt like a small ice cube in the sun, but slipped here and there, they will help you adopt a healthier diet. Because if it was enough to eat to lose weight, it would be known!

Negative calorie foods:why should they be eaten?

If negative calorie foods do not actually make you lose weight, their consumption remains very important and interesting. Indeed, the energy provided by these foods, as well as the nutrients, are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Therefore, negative calorie foods are filled with vitamins and minerals, non-caloric, which guarantee us an iron health. Therefore, their consumption as part of a diet or a food rebalancing seems essential!