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Candlemas:the best spreads to enhance pancakes

If there is a small glass jar that makes everyone agree, it is the spread . Since our early childhood, it has never ceased to amaze our taste buds and enhance our days, from breakfast to afternoon tea. The creamy spread, with its sweet chocolate taste, is one of the essentials that you never get tired of. As Candlemas approaches, she invites herself as a queen to our table, to sublimate the pancakes and delight all taste buds. However, if we love it, we do not always know which one to choose. Yes, on the shelves of supermarkets, it is found in many versions. To help you, an overview of the best spreads .

What's a good spread?

Whether to sublimate pancakes or a piece of bread, the spread must have a good composition. For this, we pay attention to the percentage of hazelnuts present in the pot, but also to the chocolate that is used and to the fats (we make sure to opt for a pot without palm oil). Then, it all depends on taste:some will prefer a vegan spread , without milk, when others will opt for a milk chocolate spread super creamy. In terms of texture, there are all kinds of them, with crispy, crunchy, creamy...

Which spread to choose?

In the new products section, let's be tempted by the Bonne Maman spread , creamy and generous, it amazes us! For a little originality in our pancakes , the Carambar spread will delight the little ones, while the Maple Joe maple fondant spread will sublimate our pancakes. Hazelnut lovers will not miss the So Frenchy spread from Comptoir de Mathilde, while crunchy fans will turn to the crispy spread from Weiss, with its fine slivers of Valencia almonds from Spain and caramelized Roman hazelnuts from Italy. Want pancakes with a good taste of chocolate? So opt for the spreadable PLAQ or even the divine version thought up by the Manufacture Cluizel.