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The best foods to eat when you're sick

If the cold has ever caught you, this list is for you! It is well known that when you are sick you need to consume more calories (good news, right?), the goal is not to eat a lot but rather to eat well. Itchy throat, runny nose or sluggish joints? We try these foods and let our immune system thank us.

1/ Hot drinks


The good old trick of our grandmothers who, each time we were sick, gave us hot milk to drink with honey (being sick also has its good sides). We prefer chamomile tea or green tea to soothe our sinuses; a little more lemon zest or a teaspoon of honey, and the magic happens. Thank you grandma!

2/ Citrus fruits

You get a bit of an itchy throat when you think about it, and citrus fruits are an incredible source of vitamin C which helps reduce symptoms. A large glass of fresh orange or lemon juice every morning and you are guaranteed to stay fresh all year round!

3/ Vegetables

They are our daily allies but even more so when we are sick:tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, so many foods that help reduce inflammation. You can also mix them and add orange juice (that's good)! A delight full of benefits.

4/ Eggs

When you're sick, you don't necessarily dream of hamburgers or meat in sauce. We then throw ourselves on the eggs! The feeling of weakness that we feel must be erased thanks to proteins, which are very important for regaining strength and recovering as quickly as possible.

5/ Yogurt

The worst enemy of the common cold? Probiotics of course! And this is where yogurts become our best allies:filled with probiotics they will help us fight our virus. We rush to the supermarket to stock up on Greek yoghurts, enriched with calcium; they will greatly help us to get better.

6/ Sweet potato

An excellent source of vitamin A, it helps produce leukocytes, the cells that protect the immune system against viruses and diseases. And we're not going to lie to each other, it's super good!

7/ Cauliflower

It comes last, as the ultimate option if things are going too badly… Cauliflowers are good for you! They have enriched with choline and glutathione:they therefore protect us from germs, viruses and bacteria! Just that ! What to make us become followers of the food