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Childbirth:can I speed up the onset?

Let's get together...

Making love at the end of pregnancy helps prepare for labour, in particular because sperm contains hormones that soften the cervix:these are prostaglandins, hormones also contained in the gel that the obstetrician can use to induce labor (except that there, they are natural). You can also have your nipples massaged lovingly, which would cause contractions.

We laugh.

If sex doesn't work (or you really can't!), you can also have a good laugh:it releases oxytocin, a hormone that increases contractions.

We're going out for a walk.

If we are not too tight, we get active and above all we walk:long walks with small steps. Physical exercise is a great way to trigger contractions. And allow Bibou to position herself correctly in the uterus.

We try the herbal teas.

An infusion of raspberry leaves or sage would promote the proper functioning of the uterine muscles. When you have passed the term (and only in this case), you can have a shot of castor oil seasoned with lemon juice.

We move on to alternative medicine.

Homeopathy is useful (Caulophyllum 15 CH and Actea 15 CH once a week the last month of pregnancy), to prepare the uterus. Above all, no arnica before childbirth, at the risk of causing bleeding during delivery. We also think of osteopathy and acupuncture, to reduce working time and promote relaxation of the cervix. Whatever the method, you should inquire beforehand with your gynecologist or midwife. And we continue to eat well – like a top athlete – because on D-Day, we will have to have strength, natural trigger or not.

Thanks to Francine Caumel-Dauphin, liberal midwife