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Withings launches a scale capable of evaluating cardiovascular health

The era of connected objects never ends! Latest launch to date, Withings, the brand of technological well-being products, presented “Body Cardio”, a new connected scale. It is a revolution in the world of health since this new discovery makes it possible to evaluate the general health of the person who climbs on it. In addition to the weight, other data is displayed:the body mass index, its composition (fat, bone masses, etc.), the heart rate and… the pulse wave velocity. The Body Cardio could therefore detect cardiovascular diseases. The pulse wave velocity of a person can calculate the pulse wave from the aorta of the heart to the blood vessels of the feet:it can detect whether people have high blood pressure or stiff arteries ( there, it is very high). Of course, this "warning" does not in any way replace a visit to a doctor, but it could act as an alarm bell for people who would never have gone to see a doctor without it.

In addition to this health check, this high-tech scale offers graphs listing weight trends (if you get a little too big or the opposite), and connects via an application available on iOS and Android. Health Mate becomes a personal coach and saves all the data for careful monitoring.