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Plantar reflexology to fight against stress

The benefits of plantar reflexology

If massaging the feet evokes pleasant sensations, plantar reflexology goes even further. This method of massage appeared centuries ago in the East. Since then, it has aroused enthusiasm and has been back in fashion for a few years. This technique is based on the idea that each point of the foot is connected to an area of ​​the body. Stimulating a point allows direct intervention on an organ or muscle. The reflexologist can then improve blood circulation or eliminate bad toxins. If reflexology can heal and relieve certain ailments, it also has an impact on the psyche. It is thus possible to intervene directly on physical and emotional blockages. Indeed, it is particularly effective in combating stress and anxiety. By stimulating the arch of the foot, energies circulate and reduce tension.

Plantar reflexology, a weapon against stress

Many of us suffer from muscle pain, insomnia or hormonal imbalances. Little everyday worries that poison our lives! Recent studies have shown that they are the result of daily stress. To have a healthy body, the mind must also be healthy! Reflexology is an effective weapon in the fight against anxiety. It allows you to learn to relax, and therefore to sleep better. And who says restorative sleep, says less anxiety during the day. If stress is a normal reaction to a particular event, it becomes dangerous when it is chronic. Hormones are then all turned upside down! In some, we even see pimples appear on the face or on the body. Chronic stress is also characterized by an increase in blood pressure:the heart beats faster and stronger. And this state can lead to cardiovascular risks. Plantar reflexology helps calm anxieties and dispel fears. More than a medicine, it is above all a state of mind!

Plantar reflexology, a weapon to regain tone

Stress and anxiety weaken the body. Fatigue is then more and more present, and the risks of depression appear. By fighting against stress, plantar reflexology allows you to regain your energy! You sleep better, you are relaxed, and you are toned during the day. Gone are the urges to take a nap every hour. Stress at work is very widespread in our modern societies. It causes many health problems. Know that this method can also relieve painful periods, headaches or digestive problems.