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Tip from Marianne Timmer:Physical activity in children

Santé is a co-subsponsor of Team Continu:the skating team led by Marianne Timmer. Marianne shares a tip every day to keep fit with Santé.

Marianne: 'Exercise is a fundamental condition for a healthy general development of the child. Physical activity helps the child to develop a number of things, such as motor skills:coordination, speed, endurance and flexibility. And cognitive skills such as seeing, understanding, judging and deciding. In the tactical field, children learn to work out strategies. The social aspect is discussed:learning to interact with others. As well as the psychological and mental aspect:developing the will and perseverance. The child also learns to bring the necessary concentration and to get a handle on stress and anxiety. Last but not least, exercise can increase self-confidence, self-control and independence.

Did you know that…

  • A child needs at least 1.5 liters of fluid (about 8 glasses) daily, including at least two glasses of milk products.
  • There are at least five sugar cubes in a glass of cola.
  • Breakfast is indispensable for a child, because it must have energy to go to school and pay attention during class.
  • Eating too much sugar reduces the resistance, increasing the risk of obesity and disease. It is wise to get children used to eating healthy at a young age.'

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