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This is why you should exercise more often in the cold

How cold it is outside! But you will probably no longer use the excuse not to exercise outside if you know why you should exercise more often in the cold…

There's a very good reason to put on those walking or running shoes, even if it's cold outside. Because exercising in the cold ensures that you burn more calories!

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Canadian research at the Laurentian University shows that no less than three times more fat was burned at 0 degrees than at 21 degrees Celsius.

The study required 11 moderately fit, overweight adults to do high-intensity interval workouts known as HIIT workouts. At different temperatures, they had to cycle ten times for a minute at 90 percent power, followed by 90 seconds at 30 percent power.

Try it yourself!

The researchers do think that more research needs to be done, because this was a small-scale study. Anyway:if it has helped these test subjects to burn more calories, why not give it a try yourself in the cold?