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Mosquito bites:9 reasons why you get bitten all the time

It is never very pleasant to be bitten by a mosquito, even if generally, we realize it much later, when the damage is done. We want to scratch, it's not hygienic and some even have big allergic reactions . We are not going to fix anything by telling you that, according to doctor Martin Donnelly from the School of Tropical Medicine at the University of Liverpool, interviewed by the Daily Mail UK , when the mosquito bites us, it also injects us with saliva which prevents our blood from clotting. And it is this substance, which contains proteins and enzymes, which causes irritation and itching . To counter this, how to avoid mosquito bites ?

Mosquito bites:how to limit the risk of bites?

We can't change blood group, nor control our sweating (but technically, we can stop beer...). Therefore, scientists recommend to wash! A daily shower reduces the risks because you get rid of perspiration. You can also use insect repellents and for the natural option, doctorBehrens , interviewed by the Daily Mail UK , offers lemon and eucalyptus oil, the one and only natural product that has proven itself. And if it is too late to avoid the mosquito bite, it is still possible to reduce a possible infection by applying an anti-inflammatory gel before bandaging to avoid scratching.