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Sports in the summer:this is how you keep it up

Days that are too hot for sports, holidays, summer schedules, children who are off. In the summer, the conditions for sports are often less ideal. With these three tips you can keep going this summer.

Set a new goal for yourself
Have you reached your target weight or fitness goal for the summer? That doesn't mean everything is okay now. Set yourself a new goal to stay motivated. Maybe lose two extra kilos, run a half marathon or break your personal best.

Try something new
Many gyms have a summer schedule in the summer months with fewer classes than you are used to. It may just be that one of your favorite classes has been temporarily cancelled. Take this opportunity to try new classes. Change is good for your body and you might discover a sport that suits you better than you thought. Or treat yourself to a new skipping rope , punching bag or a set of weights .

Go exercise outside
Move the exercise outside. Running, hooping or a boot camp in the park. There are plenty of options. Invest in a good sports bra , new shoes or a jack , that makes it even more fun to persevere.

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